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Only know Panerai? You should also know these world-class watches that dominate the watch industry(Ⅱ)


PARMIGIANI, the world’s leading Swiss top class watch brand. With the support of Sandoz Family Foundation and its commitment to the protection of high-quality Swiss technology, PARMIGIANI has developed into an independent tabulation brand with a full line of production networks so far.


GP, Swiss watch brand. As one of the real Swiss watchmaker GP, the There remained but a single one. table design, creation, development and production of watches and watch parts outside the “heart” – movement. This comprehensive, comprehensive operation allows GP to provide a full range of top movement (more than 100 models) and a prestigious mechanical watch series. The history of GP dates back to 1791. GP combines traditional technology with modern technology. The brand has nearly 80 patents, and it also embodies the company’s traditions while using the most advanced technology. GP’s watch is not simply a repeat of the past success style, but to create a new work with the spirit of striving for perfection. GP’s unique design has won many accolades and awards in many international competitions.


Langer is one of the world’s top ten list, is also a famous luxury brand. Lange is very precise German mechanical watch brand, whose main characteristics are as follows: incomparable superb technology and high quality perfect manual. Lange as a rare non Swiss watch brand, is a native of eastern Germany, had a dictatorship of the former East and disappeared, but the two after the reunification of Germany once again rejuvenated. Lange Machinery adhere to only precious metal watch, making it the quality and the price is high.

9.Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis watchmakers and full of wit adventurous designer and entrepreneur Carlos Dias an important meeting, to Roger Dubuis was established in 1995. Compared to other century watchmaking tycoon Roger Dubuis, although still significantly younger, but its strong distinctive style and noble temperament, even in relation to all senior brand watches can easily identify. Just six years after the establishment of the brand in 2001 in Geneva Meilan to build its factory in Geneva traditional watchmaking culture oriented, top technology mix near perfect, since its inception, will follow the strict production standards, all watches are carrying Geneva mark, not on watch or clock design technology, are deeply identity a table, altar of dazzling star.


As one of the world’s total of 100% series of self movement assembly senior mechanical watches brands, Glashütte blood from already has 165 years of history tabulation German watchmaking town of Glashütte. After years of ups and downs, Glashütte continues the long German watchmaking tradition, continue to write German senior tabulation legend.


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